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DRC-Africa Business Forum

DRC-Africa Business Forum
Fostering the development of a battery, electric vehicle (BEV) and renewable energy industrial value chain and market in Africa
13 September, 2021 to 14 September, 2021
Kinshasa and ONLINE
The main objective of the DRC Business Forum to be held from 13-14 September 2021 (dates to be confirmed)  on “ Fostering the development of a battery, electric vehicle and renewable energy value chain and market in Africa” is to bring together  high-level stakeholders with the view to dialoguing, identifying opportunities and facilitating investments to increase Africa’s share of the battery, electric vehicles and renewable energy value chain.
The global transition towards green energy and rapid decarbonization holds significant opportunities for Africa. It has spurred the demand for electric vehicles and investment in battery-powered storage systems, which is expanding the deployment of solar and wind energy in particular. Thanks to its endowment in natural resources and especially strategic minerals that are components of lithium-ion batteries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo can play a key role in global energy transition regarding energy storage and electric mobility.
Key participants will, among others, include:
  • African governments
  • Development banks (Africa Finance Corporation, AfreximBank, African Development Bank, World Bank, etc.)
  • Private financial institutions and pan-African banks
  • FEC – Fédération des Entreprises du Congo
  • African Business Networks (ex. Makutano from DRC, etc.)
  • Chambre des Mines RDC
  • Africa’s business leaders and captains of industry
  • Global industrialists in the battery, electric cars and renewable energy sub-sectors: Johnson Matthey, Umicore, BASF, CATL, LG Chem, Panasonic, Tesla, BMW, etc.
  • DRC authorities and relevant public institutions (Anapi, etc)
  • Development partners
  • Other International partners (The International Energy Agency, etc)
  • The African Association of Automotive Manufacturers